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Assorted Chocolates

# 321
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An irresistible mix of nutty, chewy, crunchy deliciousness and soft centers. Celebrate See’s 100th anniversary with our popular favorites! Contains approximately 125 pieces*, including:

... Read more Caramel Patties, Milk Bordeauxs™, Milk Almond Caramels, Dark Marzipans, Dark Walnut Squares, Milk Chocolate Buttercreams, Dark Bordeaux™, Dark Normandies®, Milk Almonds, Dark Almonds, Peanut Squares, Milk Rum Nougats, Dark Almond Nougats, Lemon Truffles, Blueberry Truffles, Milk Vanilla Nut Creams, Dark Maple Walnuts, Milk Vanilla Buttercream, Dark Scotchmallows®, Milk California Brittles®, Milk Divinitys, Milk Chelseas, Dark Butterchews®, Milk Beverlys®, Dark Bordeaux™, Dark Raspberry Cream, Milk Peanut Nougats, Milk Coconut Creams, Milk Mochas, Milk Butterchew®, Dark Chocolate Buttercreams, Milk Butterscotch Squares, Dark Molasses Chips.

*Replacements may be made depending on candy availability.
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