Gift of Elegance®

Sku 508861
Featuring an extraordinary four pounds of our finest chocolates and candies-a truly impressive assortment of See's confections. Presented in a gold box with organza ribbon, this box measures 10.25" x 21". Approximately 94 pieces*:

Milk Almond Caramel (3), Milk Almonds (8), Milk California Brittle®, Milk Butterscotch Square, Milk Mayfair®, Milk Bordeaux™ (2), Milk Rum Nougat (2), Milk Butterchew®, Milk Beverly®, Milk Divinity, Milk Chelsea, Milk Double Caramel, Milk Mocha, Milk Coconut Cream, Milk Chocolate Buttercream (2), Milk Almond Square (4), Milk Vanilla Nut Cream, Milk Molasses Chips (3), Milk Pecan Bud (2), Milk Almond Bud (2), Dark Caramel Patties (2), Dark Almonds (8), Dark California Brittle®, Dark Butterscotch Square, Dark Peanut Square (2), Dark Butterchew® (2), Dark Maple Walnut, Blueberry Truffle, Pineapple Truffle, Dark Vanilla Buttercream, Dark Almond Nougat (2), Lemon Truffle, Dark Raspberry Cream, Dark Walnut Square (3), Dark Scotchmallow®, Dark Normandie®, Dark Bordeaux™, Dark Chocolate Buttercream, Dark Marzipan, Dark Molasses Chips (3), Chocolate Walnut Fudge, Walnut Roll, Butterscotch Chews (4), Vanilla Nut Caramel (4), Toffee-ettes® (4), Almond Royal® (4), Pecan Roll, Vanilla Walnut Fudge.

*If we run into shortages, we may make replacements or adjust piece counts. Don’t fret. You’ll always get an assortment fully filled with deliciousness.
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  • Size
    • 4 lb