Festive Día De Los Muertos Candies and Gifts

Brighten spirits with treats everyone will treasure.

Día de los Muertos, known as Day of the Dead in English, is all about family and tradition. At See’s, we know quite a bit about both, as they’re at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we’re thrilled to be celebrating this special holiday with our family — and yours.

What is Día de los Muertos?

Celebrated November 1-2, the origins of Día de los Muertos can be traced to central Mexico dating back nearly 3,000 years. Full of music, colorful decorations, flowers and (of course) treats, Día de los Muertos is a multi-day holiday where the spirits of the deceased can visit living family and friends. Celebrations vary from location to location, but the festivities often include sharing light-hearted memories, visiting graves with gifts and the creation of ofrendas — home altars that include pictures and keepsakes of the departed, along with their favorite foods and beverages.

However, the festivities aren’t limited to honoring those who have passed. Giving living family and friends Día de los Muertos gifts, including food, drinks, flowers and candies, is common.

Make New Memories with Meaningful Gifts

Whether planning Día de los Muertos gifts for the departed or living, See’s Candies has delightful ways to brighten the celebration and sweeten family traditions.

Satisfy everyone’s tastes with a box of Assorted Chocolates, an irresistible mixture of creamy, nutty, chewy and soft centers wrapped in rich milk and dark chocolate. If you want to make a little more noise, the delectable Nuts & Chews — packed with crunchy nuts, rich buttery caramel and more — is for you. Both boxes are available in festive wraps, beautifully decorated with vibrant calaveras (skulls) and cempazuchitl (marigolds).

If a sweet individual treat is what you seek, the Mini Skull Box is just the right size for giving. Small but spirited, this assortment comes in a box adorned with the same vivid artwork as the larger wraps and contains the perfect Día de los Muertos candies for someone special. Of course, we can’t forget the popular (and charming) lollypop tin covers. Available in shops only, these collectible tins surround our signature square chocolate and butterscotch candies. They’re sure to become an instant family classic.

Traditions Come Alive with See’s

Holidays like Día de los Muertos deserve sweets as special as they are. Make See’s a part of your annual traditions and delight your loved ones — living and departed — with our delicious Día de los Muertos candies.

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